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Speaking of Peace at a Time of War

In Turkey and the three countries of the South Caucasus, nearly everyone has experienced the pain of conflict.

But while people in the region may dream of peace, many prefer to speak of war. Efforts to resolve military conflicts and rebuild relations are often marginalized; the few brave enough to seek peace are frequently dismissed as traitors.

The stigma can be even worse for female peace activists, who must overcome the region’s conservative stereotypes about the role of women.

Three young female activists – Hamida Giasbayli from Baku, Maria Karapetyan from Yerevan and Pinar Sayan from Istanbul – are pushing back against these taboos.

While the challenges they face at home differ, all three share a common goal to achieve peace, no matter how impossible it may seem.

Their dream of peace brought the three of them together and now, through their cooperation with the ‘’Imagine Center for Conflict Transformation,” an independent, non-political organization, they are using their personal experiences to challenge local stereotypes. They are also leading the next generation of peacebuilders by creating opportunities for young people from the South Caucasus and Turkey to meet.

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