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I possess a BA degree in English and Communications from the American University of Armenia and an MSc degree in Conflict Studies from the London School of Economics and Political Science. I am an alumnus of Imagine's Dialogue program of 2017. In 2015-2017 I worked as a journalist for CivilNet online TV. Currently, I manage the Caucasus Edition: Journal of Conflict Transformation. I also contribute to Chai Khana regional multimedia platform.


I am a practicing Peace & Conflict worker with a thorough training in holistic approaches to peace and considerable experience in human rights advocacy. Majority of my career I have been occupied with understanding the importance of self-regulating intentional communities across the globe and the potential it has for the societies of the modern world, as well as designing spaces for multi-format dialogues within and between societies. Great deal of my training and praxis originates from the context of Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict and UNESCO Chair for Peace Studies MA Program at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. In Imagine I lead and coordinate all of the work done in Azerbaijan as well as offer services of independent facilitator, trainer and consultant. I am a part of Imagine's team because I believe that, structures forming communities and composed with principles of horizontality and consensus, demonstrate more capacity of developing sustainable change and potential for healthy and inclusive coexistence.



I love mountains, hiking, nature, I also find peace in eastern markets, and carefully listen to their buzz.Traveling and literature fascinate me, and I enjoy hearing people's stories. In Imagine Center I coordinate Dialogues and Multimedia projects. Long reflections of people with a similar vision of making the world an easier and more understanding place, are my favorite part of the work. I come back to Imagine because I believe that conflicts will become easier to solve if we talk about them with all the people who are involved, and start to listen to each other


I am a scholar-practitioner combining academic research and teaching with active involvement with conflict transformation practices in many conflict zones. At the Imagine Center, I serve as the Director of Programs and I am responsible for the development of new ideas and directions of work as well as for the methodology and structure of the existing programs. I am also one of the editors of Imagine's analytic publication, the Caucasus Edition: Journal of Conflict Transformation. Apart from my work at Imagine, I teach at the Kroc School of Peace Studies at the University of San Diego and at the School for International Service at the American University of Washington, DC. I remain committed to Imagine Center's chosen path one main reason: I have come to believe that the majority of existing conflict resolution models serve to sustain the existing structures of violence rather than working to upend them; and while the Imagine Center is not immune to these influences, self-criticism and the continual search for better and ethical paths is the norm for the organization and its team.






I am a freelance social researcher and I have been involved in various research projects concerning human rights, gender, equality, minorities, eco-migration, and environmental issues. I hold an MA degree in Social Sciences - Eurasian and Caucasus Studies from the Tbilisi State University. During my studies I went deeper into trying to understand contexts of the South Caucasus countries and unresolved conflicts of our times. I have been working on the topic of gender implications of conflicts and alternative feminist perspectives. I became part of the Imagine team because I believe that the space it provides for the people from conflict divides is essential for developing common critical reflection on ongoing processes, for rethinking, for going beyond mainstream narratives and building new alternative perspectives.