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Open Call for a Dialogue and Multimedia Collaboration Summer School

Application form: https://bit.ly/2INupOr

Deadline: June 26!

The Imagine Center for Conflict Transformation is accepting applications for the Summer School and Dialogue for Journalists, Analysts, Civic Activists from all the corners of the South Caucasus.

Stage 1 of the project “Dialogue and Multimedia Collaboration Across the South Caucasus Conflict Divides”
will take place on July 27-August 4, 2019 in a resort town in Turkey.

Stage 2 of the project – the Advanced Conflict Transformation School will take place in January 2020 at the Kroc School of Peace Studies, at the University of San Diego, USA. It involves an additional application process.

Following the Summer School and Dialogue, the most active participants of the dialogues of the past three years will benefit from the expertize of the Kroc School of Peace Studies at the University of San Diego, learn from world-class scholar-practitioners who combine theory and practice of conflict resolution and art and activism to bring the learning back to the South Caucasus through the production of a new series of joint multimedia stories on themes that are marginalized, silenced, or little spoken of in the societies, such as gender and conflict, minority rights and conflict, the rights of the displaced populations, and others.

The Stage 1 of the project, the Summer School and Dialogue in Turkey provides space for dialogue and capacity building that encourages a culture of responsible, independent, and impartial journalistic practices and conflict transformative analysis that can counterbalance the prevailing conflict-generating coverage. In the months following the Summer School, the Project participants will have the opportunity for collaboration with existing online media outlets and analytical publications, such as the Caucasus Edition to advance the alternative vision and conflict transformative discourses through co-authored articles and policy recommendations. The participants will also participate in the development of a new regional multi-media platform that includes photo, video, and other interactive materials.

The Summer School is open for applications from journalists, editors, bloggers, analysts, and civic activists from any part of the South Caucasus who have access to audiences in their respective societies through local networks and media.

To apply to the Stage 1 of the Project, the Summer School, potential participants are invited to submit their CV, short motivation letter (no more than a page), and a portfolio that includes articles or audio-visual materials produced by the applicant on conflict-related topics.

The deadline for the applications is June 26, 2019.

The working language of the School and the joint multimedia products is English.

Stage 1 (Summer School in Turkey) and Stage 2 (Advanced School of Conflict Transformation in San Diego) require separate sets of applications. The applications for Stage 2 will open in September. The participation in Stage 1 of the project is a prerequisite for the application at Sage 2.